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    Based in Polk County, Florida, William Carson Winter Haven is a distinguished name in the field of real estate development, known as a partner and founder of a leading company. Possessing a general contractors license from Florida, Carson's educational background features a graduation degree from Tallahassee Community College, a respected academic institution in Leon County in the Northwestern corner of the Sunshine State.


    He firmly believes in giving back to the community, evident from his active support of many charities, non-profit organizations, and noble causes, including several charity-centric sports initiatives in his home city, Winter Haven.


    Carson indulges in various leisurely pursuits besides his professional endeavors and philanthropic activities. His preferred hobbies and interests are boxing, fishing, football, golf, and hunting.


    Current Roles & Responsibilities:


    S&C Development Group:


    As the owner of S&C Development Group, a reputed Florida-based general contracting company, Carson has a stronghold in the industry. The firm's headquarters is located in Winter Haven, Polk County, and it manages a diverse range of projects, varying from 1,200 sq. ft. to 300,000 sq. ft. The talented team of professionals at S&C Development Group boasts of an accumulated experience exceeding 50 years.


    The company adheres to the highest quality standards, employing dedicated, hardworking individuals committed to outstanding craftsmanship and professional distinction. Carson's proficiency extends to various domains, including new commercial and residential construction, renovations of existing buildings, and site work.


    Ridge Capital Development:


    Carson also holds a senior partnership at Ridge Capital Development, a company focused on real estate and development capital. It shares its headquarters with S&C Development Group in Winter Haven, Florida. Ridge Capital Development offers specialized services in construction, land development, real estate, and multi-family and single-family homes.


    Natural Air E-Controls:


    William Carson Winter Haven also contributes as a managing member and co-inventor at Natural Air E-Controls, a manufacturing company dealing with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The company fabricates HVAC automation, indoor air quality control systems, and various innovative medical devices.


    At Natural Air E-Controls, Carson is entrusted with managing investor relations. Besides this role, he is credited with co-inventing one of the company's numerous innovative products.


    Other Ventures:


    Carson's entrepreneurial prowess is evident in various successful ventures he has established and continues to do so in the present. Some notable examples include Carson Consulting and Development, S.A.F.E. Liquids, Maximum Energy Corporation, and Double Down Investments.


    Academic Background:


    Carson is an alumnus of Tallahassee Community College in Leon County, Florida. The college is a renowned provider of quality higher education catering to students from Gadsden County, Leon County, Wakulla County, and beyond. Since its inception in 1966, Tallahassee Community College has consistently been ranked as one of the top community colleges in the United States.


    Offering over 80 degree and certification programs in addition to hundreds of other courses, many of which are available in-person and online, the college takes pride in Carson, who graduated with a degree in business construction.


    Professional Journey:


    Carson embarked on his journey as a general contractor over 15 years ago. He has seen an average sales growth rate exceeding 150 percent in this period. He has managed a workforce of over 100 employees, executing the construction of luxury homes, gas stations, medical centers, places of worship, restaurants, and more.


    As a general contractor and senior partner at Ridge Capital Development, he worked closely with esteemed developers and investors in joint ventures. He is often credited for identifying land, performing due diligence, and managing private equity financing.


    As a managing member of Natural Air E-Controls, William Carson Winter Haven has successfully co-created a groundbreaking product for the HVAC automation control and medical devices company.


    Carson holds an active general contractors license from Florida, obtained after passing a state certification examination, backed by a minimum of four years of experience. The license holders are thoroughly scrutinized, including a background check, assessment of financial stability, and other criteria, and must have comprehensive insurance.


    Professional Proficiency:


    With over 15 years of practical experience, Carson is a seasoned real estate development and general contracting professional. His track record across construction, land development, real estate, and multi-family and single-family homes is commendable.


    Carson has displayed an extensive and exceptional skill set throughout his career, including business strategy, finance, and sales management. His professional proficiencies encompass business development, business planning, commercial real estate, contract negotiation, entrepreneurship, finance, indoor air quality, investments, land development, negotiation, project management, property investment, real estate development, sales management, strategic planning, sustainability, and team building.


    Charitable Engagement:


    Carson proudly supports numerous charities, non-profit organizations, and worthy causes, primarily focused on those in and around his home city of Winter Haven, Polk County. Moreover, he supports various national and international charitable organizations and volunteers for several local causes, including multiple charity-driven sports initiatives.


    Personal Life:


    Living and working in Winter Haven, Florida, William Carson Winter Haven finds his home in a city roughly 50 miles east of Tampa. Winter Haven is a vibrant community known for its Chain of Lakes connected by canals, popular waterside parks, exquisite restaurants, Legoland Florida Resort, and the historic Cypress Gardens.


    In addition to his professional and charitable commitments, Carson takes time out for various hobbies and personal interests, including boxing, fishing, football, golf, and hunting.