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    William Carson Winter Haven

    Polk County, Florida, is home to esteemed real estate developer William Carson Winter Haven. Alongside holding a Florida general contractors license, Carson is an alumnus of Tallahassee Community College located in the northwestern expanse of the Sunshine State.

    Beyond his work, Carson is an enthusiastic supporter of various philanthropic initiatives. His contributions notably impact several sports-focused charity programs in his residential city, Winter Haven. Aside from these commitments, he indulges in various pastimes, including boxing, fishing, football, golf, and hunting.

    Carson is the proprietor of S&C Development Group, a flourishing public contracting enterprise based in Florida. The firm, rooted in Winter Haven, handles an impressive array of projects, their size ranging from 1,200 to 300,000 sq. ft. The specialist team's collective experience of over 50 years ensures professional management from project inception to completion. The firm's commitment to excellence mirrors Carson's broad expertise, from new commercial and residential construction to renovating existing structures.

    Carson is also a senior partner at Ridge Capital Development, a real estate and development capital firm. Operating from Winter Haven, like S&C Development Group, the company's forte lies in construction, land development, and multi- and single-family housing.